Recibido: 8 febrero Aceptado: 17 abril Publicado: Etnógrafos en el ciberespacio. Apuntes para la investigación en la red y un poco de globalización The ethnographers in the cyberspace. Notes for research in the Web and a bit of globalization Alfredo Francesch alialf wanadoo. In addition to these problems, although works on the Internet abound, the case I not the same with regard to ethnography on the net. Lo global y lo local Al hojear los periódicos, escuchar emisoras de radio, echar un vistazo a ciertos éxitos editoriales, se diría que hay dos modalidades fundamentales de enfrentarse a ese fenómeno un tanto indefinible que ha dado en llamarse globalización. La primera, un acercamiento a la globalización en términos morales, valorativos, de enjuiciamiento. La globalización como algo ante lo que se adopta y se debe adoptar una u otra postura: se es partidario o no se es. Este tipo de acercamiento bajo modalidades valorativas cuenta con enorme fuerza expansiva. Una segunda modalidad consiste en la aproximación con una estrategia genealógica, histórica.

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Carlos Manuel Muñiz y el Sr. También, se reiteró la necesidad de acertar caminos para procurar la solución de la controversia pendiente Las delegaciones conversaron sobre las coincidencias entre ambos países en los temas de política exterior: la lucha contra el terrorismo, la participación en las operaciones de nutrición de la paz, políticas abiertas en materia de inmigración, favorecer el desarrollo sustentable, la defensa de la democracia y de los derechos humanos. Carlos Manuel Muñiz, President of CARI The conversations were held in an ajar and constructive atmosphere, and a analysis was made of developments since the last conference which took place all the rage Wilton Park, Sussex, UK, in Can The recovery of the Argentine belt-tightening exercise was discussed and it was celebrated that the strengthening of measures before now adopted, the fulfilment of agreements made with international financial institutions, as able-bodied as the guarantee of a forceful legal framework, are requirements to allocate further impetus to the flow of investments and to help restablish a climate of confidence in Argentina All-party negotiations within the framework of WTO were discussed, in particular the contemporary meeting in Cancun, as well campeón negotiations between Mercosur and the European Union and those of the FTAA. Shared opinions were noted by equally delegations on subjects such as the need to eliminate subsidies, the acquittal up of trade and the opportunities of strengthening cooperation in a add up to of areas On the subject of the South Atlantic: opportunities for assistance and development, the delegations expressed their satisfaction with the developments reached as a result of successive ABCs. The dialogue and assign already achieved meant that, on this occasion, it was possible to address about opportunities that could open ahead for tourism, conservation of fishing stocks, oil and gas, and communications. By the same time, emphasis was made on the need to find solutions to the pending issues The delegations talked about the agreement between equally countries on the subject of global politics, the fight against terrorism, the participation in peacekeeping operations, open policies on immigration, favourable environmental development, the defence of democracy and human rights. An analysis was made of the possibility of launching new projects after that cooperation in the cultural, artistic, fair and scientific areas An evaluation of the future of the ABC barbed out the advantage produced as a result of the flexibility shown as a result of the participants and representatives at consecutive conferences, such as on the area of interest of agendas. El rol del asociativismo.

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